During this unique time, it is important to try to keep a connection with the outside world. So there’s no question of giving up an evening of board games with friends or family! Discover our selection of the best online games.

The Werewolf Game



Werewolf has surely become one of the most popular games to entertain an evening with friends. Find the adrenaline and nostalgia of this great classic of ambient games available for free on their website. Create your game with friends or meet new people, it is possible to play up to 50 players! Laughter, strategy, suspense, here is a game that will keep you busy for hours. And for history lovers, find a game on the theme of the Second World War.





Skribbl is the online equivalent of Pictionary. Show off your artistic talents by trying to make people guess a word thanks to a drawing that you have to make with your mouse if you play on your computer, or with your finger if you prefer to play on a smartphone. It is possible to play in a private room with your friends or with strangers from all over the world.





Blanc Manger Coco


This black humor adult game is now available online. The principle is simple: at each turn, a virtual card is drawn with a text with holes. Players must complete it with a word or a sentence. The objective? To find the funniest combination possible! A special containment version is available on their website, and it is totally free. Three options are available: a quick match, create a game with friends or join a game in progress to meet new people.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride



This legendary game has broken more than one friendship! There is now a free online version that offers the possibility to confront your friends and family by following the original rules of Uno, an ideal entertainment for a lively evening with friends. The adaptation of the famous card game is embellished with animations, and even a voicemail that allows players to chat with each other. And yes, you’ll always have the pleasure of shouting “Uno” before you win the game!

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