Fortnite Season 3 has finally introduced cars with its latest v13.40 update. Players love this new addition, as vehicles provide land mobility as well as a fresh perspective to the Fortnite that everyone loves and remembers.

For at least once in their lifetimes, however, all players might have wanted to shift to another platform. While Epic Games introduced this feature back in Season 9, they later removed it for unknown reasons. Merging accounts allows players to recover hard-earned cosmetics from a platform they no longer use, though they continue playing the game.

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However, if you wish to transfer or merge your Fortnite accounts on different platforms, then this guide will give the required steps to accomplish that.

Comprehensive guide on merging Fortnite accounts

Step #1- Firstly, you need to determine your primary and secondary accounts for merging, as it will help you in the next steps. The primary account is the one with which you are hoping to combine your secondary one and gain the progress that you have made so far.

Step #2- Visit the official website of Epic Games and log in to your account from the platform on which you are currently playing the game.

Step #3- After logging in, follow the path Account > Connections > Switch to Accounts to see all the available platforms such as PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo Switch.

You can merge your primary and secondary accounts in Fortnite (Image Credit: Epic Games)
You can merge your primary and secondary accounts in Fortnite (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Step #4- Link your existing account to the platform you want to switch to and log in to that account. After successfully doing so, you will link your account, and you can play the game without any problem with your old account.

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NOTE: Your in-game progress and cosmetics might take some time to arrive in your new platform’s account. Thus, be patient with the merging process. However, if your accounts still aren’t merged after some time, contact the customer care of Epic Games and inform them about your problem so that they can resolve the issue and provide further assistance.

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Published 07 Aug 2020, 23:44 IST

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