Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide : Developed and published by Nintendo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a management game released on March 20th exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Unlike other episodes, this time you’ll be taken to a desert island with two companions. To help you create an island paradise, Tom Nook will once again be on hand to give you valuable tips on how to create a museum, build new homes and also terraform the game area.

Through this complete ACNH guide, we will explain how all the activities work: fishing, insect hunting, crafting, etc… but also how to use Nook Miles, the new currency that allows you to access the rarest objects. In addition, you’ll have access to a mobile phone allowing you to manage your decorations, your challenges or even find out the location of all the island’s inhabitants in just a few seconds.

This section is a summary of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide, where you’ll find all the information you need to know about how to play, unlocking the necessary constructions and tools, managing your island, earning Miles Nook and much more.

Creation of the island and the character :

As its name indicates, this first part will be dedicated to the boarding. We will explain how to create your character and choose your island according to your way of playing . Information: Please note that the hemisphere you choose will change the times and months of appearance of the creatures that populate your paradise island .

Day 0 “arrival on the island and introductions” :

In this section, we will explain how to finish the Animal Crossing: New Horizons tutorial. This tutorial will force you to follow objectives until the next day. We’ll teach you how to move your character, interact and retrieve items  as well as use your inventory, including how to place your tent and your companions’ tents .

Day 1 “NookPhone User Guide” :

After completing the tutorial, your paradise island will have a name and the time will elapse according to the time on your console. When you get out of your tent, you will find Tom Nook who will give you a NookPhone, a mobile phone with which you will be able to use many applications . In this page, we will focus on all the functionalities of this object and we will explain how the mailbox works .

Day 2 “explanation of craft and fishing”:

This day will be entirely devoted to craft and fishing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We will first show you the location of the residents’ office where Tom Nook is and explain how the workshop works . Once you have created your Fishing Rod, you will be able to use it in rivers and beaches to catch your first fish.

Day 3 “The Quest of the Creatures of Thibou”:

On day three, we’ll focus on Thibou’s quest to bring at least five creatures back to Tom Nook. To do so, we will explain how to create and use a rudimentary net . By showing these creatures to Tom Nook, he will give you the “Bebetopedia” application, then new DIY plans, a bag of red cosmos and finally a rudimentary watering can .

Finally, Tom Nook will give you the “Site reserved by Thibou” so that you can choose the location of his future tent . The next day, Thibou’s tent will be built and you will be able to enter inside to chat with this new character. He will give you the plans of the shovel as well as the pole that will allow you to explore a new part of the island.

Day four, Nook Stop and Nook Miles:

In this new part, we’ll explain how to settle your first debt by earning Nook Miles. We will then focus on the Nook Stop terminal located in the Residents’ Office. Finally, we will discuss the second loan which will allow you to earn Nook Miles + with daily challenges , build your house and get permanent bonuses on your character with the option “Exchange Nook Miles”.

Day 5 “amenities on your island”:

We’re going to focus on all the tasks that are accessible at the beginning of the game on your island. We’ll explain how to recover ore, plant a plant, get a bell tree, drop gifts from the sky or retrieve bottles from the beach . Information: you will need to have a shovel beforehand if you want to accomplish most of these tasks .

Day 6 “The Museum and Boutique Nook”:

Your next two missions will be to build the Thibou Museum and the Nook Shop. To get your museum, you will have to bring 15 new pieces to Thibou . As a reminder, they could be insects, fish or fossils. Concerning the Nook Boutique, you will have to recover these raw materials: 30 woods, 30 hardwoods, 30 softwoods as well as 20 iron nuggets .

Day seven “evolution of your home”:

As its name suggests, this new part will be dedicated to your habitat. Initially, you will sleep in a tent until you have given 5,000 Miles Nook to Tom Nook to pay off your first debt. Then, you will have to give him 98,000 bells to turn your tent into a house . In this section, we will also explain how to manage the decoration of your hut .

Day 8 “preparations for the arrivals”:

For this eighth day, we will explain how to place the plots and create all the accessories that will allow you to welcome new inhabitants . Following Tom Nook’s instructions, you will be able to create new features such as bridges and ramps, as well as build a ladder that you can use to reach the top of the cliffs .

Day 9 “residents’ office and camping” :

After welcoming your three new residents, the residents’ office will begin construction and you will have to wait several days for the work to be completed. Thanks to this new office, you will meet Marie, Tom Nook’s secretary . Discuss with this young lady if you want to know the attractiveness of your island, change your flag or the national anthem .

For his part, we will teach you how to personalize your furniture and will ask you to make a camping site . This new building will welcome travellers who will then be able to settle into empty houses with a few thousand bells . Congratulations, you now know all the basics of the gameplay of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!


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