Here is the complete Final Fantasy VII guide, detailed, chaptered and illustrated. You will find many indications on the main directions to take to finish the game, but also on the items to collect, the bosses to face and the side quests that will allow you to finish FF7 at 100%, on PlayStation, PC or on any other version.


You start the game with Clad, a new member of the terrorist group Avalanche. After you get off the train, you go and talk to the soldiers lying on the ground. They will give you one potion each. Continue on your way by fighting the first enemies, which are quite simple to defeat. During your intrusion, three gates will be closed. To open them, simply speak to Jessie or Biggs. After the second gate is a Phoenix Tail (to revive a character). Follow Jessie to an intersection. You’ll have to climb down three ladders and get to a save point. Go to the right and take the Restore Material. Continue on your way until you reach the place where you have to drop the bomb. You will then be attacked by the Guardian Scorpion.

BOSS 1: Guardian Scorpion
Unknown level – 800 HP – 0 MP
100 EXP – 10 AP – 10 Gils
Gives Attack Rifle

Use magic extensively with Clad. Do not attack when Scorpio has his tail up.

Then a countdown timer starts and indicates that you only have ten minutes left to leave the premises. Don’t worry, you have time… Talk to Jessie about loosening her leg after you get back up. Continue on your way (this part is very linear…) without thinking. Jessie will open the door for you. Witness the beautiful explosion and exit by the stairs. You will meet Aeris (the flower girl). Buy her a flower (it’s almost worthless and you’ll need it for later!). Then go to the left (where Aeris is going) and find a Potion. Then go to the bottom of the screen. You will be chased by some not very friendly guards! You have the choice between fighting them (to gain experience points) or continuing to run. Then you will be surrounded by the group of guards. You will see that Clad is not afraid of anything… So you find yourself on the train with Jessie and the others. Go talk to him and everyone else on the team. Then you’ll come out of the station and talk to a man who’ll show you the pillar holding up the Midgar area. Save your game.


So you’re entering Midgar, one of the biggest cities in the game. Barret walks into a bar where he’ll evict all the customers. Then enter that same bar, which happens to be the headquarters of the Avalanche Group. There you will meet Tifa (your childhood friend) who will later join you. Don’t forget to give her (or Marlene) the flower you bought from Aeris earlier. Discuss this with the whole group and get some rest. The next day you talk with Tifa, who reminds you of the promise you made to her when you were younger. Barret will give you your (well-deserved!) salary and you can go for a walk and buy weapons in the area.


Go back to the station and get back on the train to Sector 5. When you engage in conversation with Tifa, the security alarm goes off. Leave the train as soon as possible (you have 15 seconds). When you arrive in the next car, the countdown will start again. Repeat this action several times until you jump out of the train. You are now in some very awkward sheds. You’ll have to find a hole to climb down into, then save your game at the Recording Point. Climb up the small ladder and slide down the ramp. You’ll find yourself in the same place you were on your first mission. Then go to the reactor and place the bomb. Retrace your steps using the stairs instead of the ramp. Then take the elevator and open the vault which contains an ether. You will find on your left a control room where you will have to press (all together) simultaneously on the buttons. Continue your mission by fighting Techno-Soldat, a device that protects the President of the Shinra.

BOSS 2: Techno-Soldier
Level 15 – 1200 HP – 0 MP
180 EXP – 16 AP – 150 Gils
Gives Titan Jewelry

Lightning magic and limits are a good way to get rid of this boss pretty quickly… Remember to heal your characters when they start to get weak.


You are standing near the house of Aeris, the flower merchant you met on your first mission. Talk with her about the Material she received. Reno comes dangerously close to you and Aeris asks you to protect her. Run to the church and let yourself be guided by the misadventures of Aeris. When you are up and she is down, you have the choice between fighting the three guards and waiting. Choose the second option and climb up to the wooden beams. There you’ll find barrels that you can use to kill the guards (using them wisely of course). In my opinion, the first solution is the easiest and allows you to gain experience points. After that, escape through the hole and enter the village of Sector 5. You will find, in the garden to the right of Aeris’ house, a Cover Material. Grab it. Then enter the house to meet Aeris’ mother. You will have to spend the night here and wake up the next day without Aeris knowing. You wake up at dawn and have to get out of the house quietly (i.e. without running). Remember to read the poster for Turtle’s Paradise, located on the second floor of the house where a sick child lives. Then head to Sector 6.


You’re meeting Aeris outside the Sector 6 passageway. She will accompany you to this very dangerous place! You may have to fight a rather dangerous house at times. Once you’ve passed this sector, you’ll find yourself on the playing field where you promised to always protect Tifa. You see Tifa in a horse-drawn carriage and decide to follow her.
Save your game and make some purchases. Then head to the Honez Bee Inn where you’ll learn that Tifa is in Don Corneo’s house. Go there (the house is in the north of the village). There, a guard tells you that Don only wants to receive girls. Aeris then has the idea to disguise Clad as a girl. So go to a women’s clothing store (on the very first screen). They tell you that the tailor is at the bar, still drinking. Go and visit him and say “soft” and “shiny”. Go to the toilet to help the man who will later give you a sexy perfume.

Save again, go back to the store to put on your “suit” and pick up a wig at the gym. To get your wig, you’ll have to beat an athlete at “bends”. This little game is very simple. Change in the cabin of the clothing store and go back to Don Corneo’s house. You are now in Corneo’s house. Talk with the secretary and, when he leaves the room, go up to the first floor to find Tifa. Take the left-most door and go down the stairs to find your dear friend. Talk with her and meet up with Don. After a moment of reflection, he chooses one of the three of you. After a few fights against the perverted guards, you find yourself in Don Corneo’s room. Take the Hyper which is next to the bed. After threatening him, he will drop you into a hole.


You’ll find yourself in the sewers, where you’ll have to fight APS. Remember to be well prepared (materials, equipment, etc.).

BOSS 3: Aps
Level 18 – 1800 HP – 0 MP
240 EXP – 22 AP – 253 Gils
Gives Phoenix Tail

Fire is the weak point of this boss, so don’t hesitate to abuse this magic (avoid Water, on the other hand…). If a limit presents itself to you, take advantage of it! Remember to regenerate your characters quite quickly after each Tsunami attack, and pay attention to his final attack (before dying), which does quite a lot of damage.

After a few shots, you manage to get out of the basement and into a train cemetery. Search them all for Flying Material and other objects. If you are fighting a crocodile, steal the Striking Stick (Aeris’ most powerful weapon at the moment) from it. You will then have to move two trains to clear a path. Cross the station and meet up with the Midgar Pillar. Save the game (it gets a little tricky afterwards) and go up to see your companions who are in bad shape. Upstairs, you’ll have to fight Reno.

BOSS 4: Reno
Level 17 – 1000 HP – 0 MP
290 EXP – 22 AP – 500 Gils
Gives Ether

Beware of the Pyramid attack, which blocks the actions of one of your characters. Three characters imprisoned and that’s the end, so you have to be careful! To free a trapped ally, simply attack the said character who will not lose HP. Here, no real technique to beat Reno, except the abuse of magic and limits.


You’re back on the playing field. After the dialogue, take the Smell Material. You must now return to the house of Aeris. On your way, return to the sick boy’s house to receive an Ether Turbo. Once you get to Aeris’ house, talk to his mother to find out more about the Ancients. After this little story, you must go to the Shinra. Go to the Flea Market (the village of Don Corneo…) and buy a battery from the arms dealer. Then, you’ll have to climb ladders, creepers… Each time, you will have to place a battery in the spaces provided for that purpose. You will then find yourself in front of the Shinra building.


Save your game at the check-in point. Barret then asks if you want to discreetly walk up the 59 floors or go through the main entrance at the risk of being attacked by guards (which is the best way to experience the game). Check out the Turtle’s Paradise sign (on the bulletin board to the right of the elevators) and then take the main door to the second floor. There you will find an Item store. If you don’t have a lot of potions, you can buy them here. Then take the elevator to the 59th floor. There you will have to fight three guards who hold the key to get to the 60th floor.
When you get to the 60th floor, you’ll see that there are several guards making the rounds. One by one, pass the members of your team one by one, hiding behind the pillars. Go up to the top floor and talk to someone who will give you access to the 62nd floor. Continue your quest up to the 62nd floor where you will meet the mayor of Midgar who will ask you a question: “What is the password?”. Choose “MAKO”. You will receive the access card to reach the 63rd, 64th and 65th floor and the Base Element Material.
Then go to the 63rd floor and take all available bonuses (it’s not very complicated).

On floor 64 you can register your game. Search all the lockers to retrieve many items. Then take the elevator to the 65th floor.
Here you will find a model of the town of Midgar. The principle of this floor is very simple: you have to open the lockers one by one to find the missing pieces of the model. So, open a chest, take its contents and place it on the model and repeat this action several times. The last box contains the access card to the 66th floor.
On the 66th floor is the Shinra meeting room. Enter the bathroom and slip into the ventilation system. You will witness a debate between all the members of the Shinra. Once the discussion is over, go downstairs and follow Hojo, the man in the white coat.


Keep following Hojo and meet me on the 67th floor. There you will find an animal locked in a glass cage. Before you do, you’ll have to witness Clad’s visions. Once Hojo is gone, you can continue on your way and record your game. Also take the Poison Material which is located next to the Registration Point. Then take the elevator to the 68th floor.
There you will see Aeris, also locked in a glass cage. Hojo will bring the specimen up. Fortunately, Barrett was able to free Aeris from the clutches of Red XIII. Choose your fighters and engage Specimen, a ferocious plant.

BOSS 5: Specimen
Level 19 – 1000 HP – 120 MP
300 EXP – 30 AP – 250 Gils
Gives Talisman

Don’t attack the yellow bugs, but concentrate only on Specimen by using massive Fire magic. Ice, on the other hand, is ineffective. Also avoid physical attacks, and prefer to use Red XIII’s abilities.

Go talk to the employee on the bridge and get the access card to floor 68. Then go to floor 66 and follow the story.


Here you are in the Shinra prison. After checking on the state of health of all your comrades, rest. When you wake up, the door will be open, and a guard will be on the ground. Fetch Tifa to show him the disaster and take the key that the guard has. Release the rest of your team and follow the blood trail. Save your game and go to the Shinra chairman’s office. Unfortunately, you discover that he has a nice sword stuck in his back and therefore you will not be able to start a conversation with him. After the discussion with the secretary, go out the top door to Rufus, the new Shinra chairman. Fight him alone. While Clad fights, the others go back down and take the elevator and come face to face with two other bosses.

BOSS 6: One Hundred Gunners
Level 18 – 1600 HP – 120 MP
0 EXP – 0 AP – 0 Gils
Don’t give anything

This boss is very sensitive to Lightning, so abuse it. Use long range attacks, as well as magic (forget Bio which is useless). Take care of yourself regularly, and expect this fight to be long, as well as the next one that follows without transition.

BOSS 7 : Helimitrailleuse
Level 19 – 1000 HP – 120 MP
250 EXP – 25 AP – 200 Gils
Gives Mythril Circle

This boss is sensitive to Wind and Lightning. The technique is the same as in the previous fight.

BOSS 8: Rufus
Level 21 – 500 HP – 0 MP
310 EXP – 42 AP – 650 Gils
Sometimes gives Protection Vest and/or Source of Protection

Use the organic magic on Rufus as soon as possible and take care of Black Nation quickly (140 HP). Rufus’ speed is faster than yours, so you’ll need to heal yourself regularly.

After all this fighting, everyone goes downstairs and a superb cinematic starts. Then, you’ll take part in the motorcycle chase: you have to ride, while protecting your teammates from the Shinra’s bikers. When the highway is finished, you fight Motor Ball. At the end of the fight, you’ll find yourself on the world map, where you can save your game at any time.

BOSS 9: Motivated Ball
Level 19 – 2600 HP – 120 MP
440 EXP – 45 AP – 350 Gils
Gives Star pendant

Prepare for a very long fight. After each attack Rolling fire, heal yourself and charge the enemy with your limits! Using Lightning magic is also a good idea.


The game can finally start! You must now go to Kalm, a nice little town. Go to the inn and talk to everyone. As this part of the game is very linear, we won’t tell you everything you need to do there… At some point in the story, talk to Sephiroth twice in a row so that Tifa, your guide, appears. You then begin a small journey during which you will be in a lot of trouble. You will find yourself with Sephiroth at the side of the Mako Fountain. Meet at the reactor, where Sephiroth will go crazy. After a few dialogues, you’ll be able to save your game, but the story isn’t over yet. You arrive at the ancient castle of the Shinra. Go to the library where you will find Sephiroth who will ask you to leave him alone. One morning, a soldier tells you that Sephiroth has changed. Go down the spiral stairs and back to the library. Then everything goes very fast, Sephitoth sets fire to the village and kills all the inhabitants. Go back to the Mako reactor and meet Tifa, at her father’s side (well, what’s left of him…). Once the story is over, go shopping in the city.


You must now go to the Chocobos Ranch. To spot it is simple: it is a small farm in the middle of the meadow, surrounded by footprints (of Chocobos of course). When you enter, there is a fence with Chocobos. Talk with them and answer anything. You will get the Choco / Mog Material (your first invocation). Then enter the house and talk to the man inside. He’ll explain that you need a Chocobo to get through the swamp inhabited by a 9-meter long snake, which you can’t fight at the moment (unless you’re already at level 99…). Then go to the barn, where a small child will sell you the Matéria Appat-Chocobo (for 2000 gils). Ask him/her for advice on how to catch a Chocobo and go on an adventure (you can also check this page for more info).



So get the Appat-Chocobo Material, buy some seeds and get out of the farm. You will fall one time out of three (in theory…) on a Chocobo. Feed it while you attack other enemies, but don’t use magic that might scare the animal! Once captured, the Chocobo will take you on its back. Go into the swamp and wait for the right time to pass without crossing the snake (otherwise you’ll be killed). Enter the cave and admire the beautiful sculpture of Sephitoth. Continue on your way. You will come face to face with Turks who will tell you what their mission is. Remember to look for the Long Range Material that is hidden in the cave, when you climb to the roots. You now have the choice between going to Fort Condor (side quest) or going to Juno Port (to continue your adventure).

Side Quest (Fort Condor): Talk to the warrior and offer your services. Follow him, talk to the character next to the well, say “Okay” and go to sleep. When you’re ready, talk to the guard at the top of the fort who will explain the principle of this mini game.
By being strong enough, you can win a weapon for Red XIII (Magic Comb).
Side Quest (Find Youfie Kisaragi): You have the opportunity to get a new character in your team. Head into the forests around Fort Condor, and wait to fall against an enemy called “Mystery Ninja”. Once the fight is won, don’t open your general menu anymore (otherwise Youfie will leave with your money). Talk to him, and answer in the order:
– Answer 2: “Not interested.”
– Answer 1: “Petrified…”
– Answer 2: “Wait a second.”
– Answer 1: “That’s right.”
– Answer 2: “Let’s hurry…”
Once this dialogue is over, Youfie joins your team.


Once you arrive in the village, head straight away to the beach (which is at the end of a very small path to the left of the screen). There you will find a little girl, who will find herself lying on the ground after a monster has scared her dolphin. You will then have to fight a new boss!

BOSS 10: Big Edema
Level 23 – 2500 HP – 100 MP
550 EXP – 52 AP – 1000 Gils
Gives Super Wrist

This enemy cannot be touched by your physical attacks. Beware of his attack that consists of locking you in a bubble and killing you bit by bit. Wind and Poison are his weak points. Finally, beware of his devastating final attack.

After the fight, you’ll have to give Priscilla mouth-to-mouth. Once she’s back on her feet, the little girl will recover her emotions at home. Go back to the entrance of the village and enter a house (on the left side of the road) where a woman will offer you to sleep at her place. After a strange dream, you wake up. Go to the little girl so that she can offer you the Shiva invocation. Go to the beach again, and use the dolphin to climb on the beams.


In this part, everything is indicated to you. You must first go down using the platform and then follow the officer who will take you to a locker room. Put on your uniform and then walk around the city. Juno is full of shops and hidden objects (Soldiers 1/35 for example). Also think about buying some equipment in the shops (especially the Seal and Ranimate materials which will be of great use to you later on). Once your shopping is done, head to the Parade. During the parade and in front of the general, you will have to make as few mistakes as possible (so as not to lower the ratings) in order to win one of the following prizes: Crazy Thief, Super HP (one Materia), etc. You then leave for Costa Del Sol.


You are now on a boat bound for the Costa Del Sol. Speak to Aeris several times to find Barret. Go to the front of the boat to talk to him, and spy on Rufus. An alarm is going off. You must go to the hold of the ship, where you will fall face to face with Jenova-Birth.

BOSS 11: Jenova-Birth
Level 25 – 4000 HP – 110 MP
680 EXP – 64 AP – 800 Gils
Gives Cape Blanche

No real technique to defeat this very resistant boss. Poison has no effect on him, but all other magic is relatively effective. Make sure you keep a fairly high HP number, as Jenova-Birth’s attacks are powerful.

Take the Ifrit Material before leaving. You will then arrive in a small sunny village. You don’t have much to do here, except, if you wish, buy the house at 300 000 Gils; which will allow you to rest for free, without any real interest, so… Go see Hojo which is sunbathing on the beach, and leave the next day for Mount Corel.


Climb to the top of Mount Corel (there is only one possible path). Remember to take all the objects and materials that are on your way. Along the way, you will find someone telling you that Sephiroth has been there. You must then follow the railway track. At some point, you will have the choice of jumping or falling. Don’t touch anything, and when the new screen appears, press left or right. This will allow you to pick up a few objects as you fall. Climb back up and continue on your way. Unblock the footbridge by going around so that your friends can join you and climb the wall in front of it. There you will find a phoenix nest. There you will find several Phoenix Tails. Continue on your way across the bridge. You will now arrive at North Corel. Barret will tell you about his life, and you will board the Gold Saucer (you will have to pay 3000 Gils).


The Gold Saucer is an amusement park where you can relax between quests in the game. For more information on the Gold Saucer, please visit the Gold Saucer page. By the way, there is one of the six Turtle’s Paradise signs in the hotel. Head to Speed Square to continue the adventure. Talk with the park owner, and head to Wonder Square to meet Cait Sith, who will accompany you on your next adventure. Finally, head to Battle Square, where you will be captured and put in jail.


You are now in the Desert Prison. Be careful, all the people you’re going to meet are crooks! Take off all your gear, because you’ll have to create a new team. Go to the house at the bottom right of the screen, Barret’s. He’ll tell you about his past and his transplanted arm for a little while. Place Barret in the second row in your option screen, equip him with your best materials (Restoration is essential). Then look for Dayne: go to the first screen of the Prison, go through the door that was guarded earlier, and walk along the fault line on two screens. Barret, will have to fight against him, alone. At the end of the fight, you have not killed your enemy: he will give you an object before throwing himself from the top of the cliff.

BOSS 12: Dayne
Level 23 – 1200 HP – 20 MP
600 EXP – 55 AP – 750 Gils
Gives Silver Bracelet

This boss is really very difficult to defeat because you only have Barret. The only technique that works is patience, along with a few poisonings and big Potion shots.

To get out of the hell of the Prison of the Desert, you’ll need to run a Chocobos race. Why don’t you go see Mr. Coates and he’ll find you a manager? Don’t forget to take the Ramuh Materia in the corner of the waiting room. Get ready, the race is about to start. If you win the race, you’ll win the Buggy, which will allow you to cross the rivers easily.


When you enter this village, you are immediately attacked by Reno and his companion.

BOSS 13: Reno & Rude
Level 22 and 23 – 2000 and 2000 HP – 80 and 135 MP
1380 EXP – 130 AP – 3500 Gils
Sometimes gives Fairy Tale and/or Potion X

This fight is only there to advance the scenario. The ease is disconcerting.

At the end of the fight, you have to go into the reactor, top right of the screen. Hide and spy on Scarlet. Take the Titan material that was the topic of conversation. Visit the city for a while, get the Mystifier Material and Time, then rest at the hotel where many objects are located. On your way out, grab the Deathly Hallow Material and take the buggy westward. Cross the river and reach the mountains where Cosmo Canyon is hidden.


Rouge XIII decides to help you, this being his native village. Go immediately to the hostel where you will find a poster of Turtle’s Paradise (the fifth). Keep climbing, and read the fourth poster of Turtle’s Paradise, near the arms dealer. At the top of the village you will find Bugen Hagen. You still have to pick up Cait Sith at the bottom of the village, and then climb back up to hear the story of Bugen Hagen.
Head to Gi Cave now, after you’ve assembled a strong enough team. In this cave are many interesting objects. For example, you’ll get the Supl. Effect Material and the Black Megaphone for Cait Sith. When you are in front of five entrances, choose the fourth from the left. The spider gives you, once defeated, an X Potion to keep. Come out and enter the second passage. Another battle ensues. When it’s over, take the Fairy Ring. You still have one last spider to kill, and one last chest to open (an Ether Turbo). A new boss now appears…

BOSS 14: Gi Nattak
Level 29 – 5500 HP – 200 MP
1400 EXP – 150 AP – 300 Gils
Gives Stick of Wisdom

There’s only one thing you can do to eliminate this boss: Throw an X Potion at him.

Take the Gravity Material, follow Bugen Hagen and exit Cosmo Canyon, heading towards NIbelheim.


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