Fortnite, like most new PC games, can look very nice if you use maximum settings across the board, but that’s not something that we recommend if you want to be competitive. We have analyzed what the pros have been doing, as well as doing some ingame testing for ourselves and we came up with what we think is the optimal balance between having great performance while still having a pretty game to look at.

As with any reasonably fast paced game, it’s incredibly important to get enough FPS in order to smoothly follow all of the onscreen action. We try our best to make sure everyone can take something away from our guides, but if your machine can’t get over 60 FPS during gameplay you’ll need to think about upgrading if you want to be competitive.

The advantages of running a higher framerate can’t be denied (as you can see by the professional statistics) as you’ll get a much smoother image if you couple high framerates with a high refresh rate monitor, and you’ll have less input lag (regardless of what monitor you’re using) so it’s definitely worth it to get a good PC with a dedicated graphics card if you want to be competitive in the game, as that will definitely give you an edge when competing.

We’ve been hard at work analyzing the gaming PCs of professional players and have made a guide with the most popular graphics cards for Fortnite which you can read here. The conclusion is that you’ll need a powerful dedicated graphics card to get the best out of your game so feel free to take a look at our guide here if you’re interested. We’ve put a graph of the average expected frames per second (at 1080p) at high settings (so not max) for the top three graphics cards to the right so you know what to expect. As you can see the RTX 2080 Ti is currently the most powerful card out there.

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