Fortnite characters can be found all over the island now, and these NPCs have considerably changed the dynamic for the battle royale since their addition to the game in the previous season. Characters offer a range of services to help players out, and there are a number of new Fortnite NPCs available including the belated arrival of Sparkplug, but almost all of them have moved position for Fortnite Season 6 so you may need to refresh your knowledge. Not only do these Fortnite characters provide a ready source of Fortnite gold bars for completing the quick quests they supply including Fortnite bounties, but some of them such as the Fortnite Joneses are also needed to complete particular assignments.

Those bars can then be spent with Fortnite characters to purchase weapons and items, follow the Fortnite weapon upgrades process, or even hire them to fight alongside you. Because the world of Fortnite is so large you might not stumble upon them by accident, so follow our guide to all of the Fortnite characters locations and you’ll be meeting up with them in no time.

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