Anomalies are back for Fortnite Season 6 and this time solving their puzzles will grant players new costumes for Agent Jones, the level 1 Battle Pass reward. These Anomalies will continue throughout the season as players unlock new Battle Pass levels at their own pace, but we’ve got the details for the first one for you right here.

You’ll unlock the Lazy Lake Anomaly puzzle when you get to Battle Pass level 14, which also happens to be when you unlock Lara Croft. With her comes this Anomaly puzzle, so head into Battle Royale or Team Rumble and drop into Lazy Lake.

The specific house you’re aiming for is shown below. It’s a blue house on the north side of the named location, sitting next to an odd-shaped yellow house to the right of the lake itself.

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Here’s what it will look like on street level.

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Head inside the front door and right away you should notice a glimmering butterfly is hovering above the dining table. It will quickly move downstairs into the basement level and disappear into a teddy bear sitting in a chair.

Smash the wall in front of the bear to reveal a secret room housing a peculiar glass display table adorned with empty jewel slots. This is your Anomaly puzzle.

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To solve it, you’ll need to activate each jewel in the correct order. Approach each slot and use the interact button–don’t worry, it’s quite forgiving if you mess up. You’ll know when you’ve inserted a jewel correctly because it will stay in place. If it disappears, you’ll want to start over until you insert the four jewels in the correct order.

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We’ve tested the puzzle a few times and the solution doesn’t seem to change. Here’s the right order to insert the jewels by color:

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Once you’ve done it correctly, the Anomaly will reappear in the center of the display. Interact with it once more to complete the challenge and earn Agent Jones a stylish, albeit tattered, suit to wear in later rounds.

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We’ll have plenty more Anomaly puzzle solutions to share as we encounter them over the coming days. You can also check out our guide on how to investigate an anomaly at Shark Island. For more help with the new season, learn how to collect three golden artifacts near The Spire, how to craft weapons, and how to craft a hunter’s cloak.

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