Temple Run 5001-0003-6492

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

Based on the popular app, Temple Run is a very simple premise. Once the dynamite is lit, the ground behind you will start falling – so you better start running!

APA Parkour University 9469-8901-1491

Player Mode: Single Player

There aren’t any essays at this university – instead, you’ll earn your parkour licence by running, jumping, and bouncing through this obstacle course. Full marks if you find the teddy bear!

The Floor is Lava  9212-1228-9476

Player Mode: Single Player

The classic children’s game gets its own Fortnite map – only this one has actual lava. As the title suggests, the floor is literally made of lava so make your way across the map without falling off!

Escape Room 5336-0087-0140

Player Mode: Single Player

The objective here is just like real-life escape rooms – find a way out before time is up! An interesting mix of puzzles and parkour, this is a great virtual way to take part in the growing escape room trend.

10 Impossible Parkour!!! 4892-2130-1868

Player Mode: Single Player

A nice, simple parkour course here – though as the title suggests there are some difficult segments. Fancy a challenge?

Rainbow Parkour 1756-3016-0196

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

Feeling very much like Rainbow Road if Mario Kart was a parkour game, this bright and colourful course has 14 levels and can be played with up to 16 friends! It’s of medium difficulty too so not too challenging.

Rainbow Dropper 2.0 0196-4943-5490

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

Another rainbow-themed parkour map – only this one is completely vertical. Navigate down the hole without hitting any of the bars in ten levels of dropper madness.

Cissorz Fun Run 0066-4697-7029

Player Mode: Single Player

Don’t let the name fool you – Cissorz Fun Run can be challenging. Youtuber Cissorz has run a competition on the map before, giving top scores a shoutout and even merch before.

Faze Kaz Trickshot Course 2.0 7331-4279-1658

Player Mode: Single Player

A parkour course with a difference – the aim is to shoot the target after performing a parkour move using the bounce pads. So to get your own 360 no scope or other trickshot, this is the course for you.

Squatingdog’s Proxyball 8640-6691-2975

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

A mix of parkour and good old-style dodgeball, the aim is to shoot the other team with proximity missiles while avoiding their own shots. You can do this with the bounce pads that cover the map – allowing for some truly epic dodges.

Lucky Run 4859-1971-9566

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

Reminiscent of both Fall Guys and Roblox Obby courses, Lucky Run is a bright and breezy obstacle course for up to 16 players.

50 Level Swamp Run 5760-0949-2230

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

Does what it says on the tin – 50(!) levels of swamp-themed obstacle courses/parkour runs with room for up to 16 players. The swamp theme can get a bit spooky mind you…

Mo’s Grapple Course 7390-6759-2095

Player Mode: Single Player

A grapple-themed parkour course is just as chaotic and fun as it sounds. Available for two teams.

Parkour’s World 6264-7535-0173

Player Mode: Single Player

Reminiscent of early 3D platformers, this map is fittingly an entire world laden with parkour opportunities and collectibles. Can you complete all four levels?

Slides & Doors Escape Maze 7100-9599-8973

Player Mode: Single Player

For some puzzle-based parkour, as you’d expect this map sees you escaping through a selection of slides, doors, and hidden exits. There are 10 levels – just look out for traps!

Wonky Kong Quest 0303-1634-6640

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

Go bananas in this apparent homage to Donkey Kong on an island filled with parkour opportunities (and collectible bananas!).

Cizzorz Deathmaze/Escape 4041-8511-7061

Player Mode: Single Player

Another map from YouTuber Cissorz, you’ll have to think carefully to navigate yourself from this escape maze – there are some truly fiendish traps waiting in store…

Escape the Ancient Ruins 2105-4880-7093

Player Mode: Up to 4 players

Jump, slide, and balance your way out of these Ancient Ruins in this ambitious obstacle course. Worth escaping just for the stunning views!

Survivor 2632-7039-2130

Player Mode: 2-8 players

This parkour mode is a loving recreation of Fall Guys, taking the same approach that a player is eliminated every round after playing one of 15 minigames. Will you be the last one standing?

Relativity 7024-4001-0960

Player Mode: Up to 16 players

An obstacle course with a difference, the mysterious Relativity certainly stands out with its black and white visuals and mind-bending twists. Can you beat the record with your friends?

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