For all of you XP collectors, we have some good news. As another week ticks over in Fortnite, another set of XP coins is made available to players. Dotted all over the green pastures of the Fortnite island, all you have to do is find them, grab them and collect them, it’s as easy as that. Like in previous weeks, there are ten coins to collect in Season 5 Week 14 that include Four green coins, three blue coins, two purple coins, and one gold coin which will net you a lot more than finding the Green Coins. But the question is – where are they this time?

Fortnite Season 5 Week 14 XP Coins Locations:

Collecting these XP coins is not only a fun task but it will also help you in leveling up your Battle Pass. Check below for all the locations for week 14 XP coins (thanks ProGameGuides):

Green Coin Locations

  • First Coin — Head to the hut to the west on the Sweaty Sands Beach and there you’ll find it
  • Second Coin — Standing at Holly Hedges, go East-by-Southeast and a little bit outside of the woods area.
  • Third Coin — Check beside the gas station towards the north direction of Slurpy Swamp.
  • Forth Coin — There’s a flower field to the west of Retail Row, check by the trees that are designed in the shape of a square.

Blue Coin Locations

  • First Coin — If you go towards the south of Slurpy Swamp and head on the north/south road until you’re at the end of the map, check the water for a blue coin.
  • Second Coin — Look southeast of Retail Row and in the water of a nook, west of the mountain, you’ll find the second coin.
  • Third Coin — Directly East of Steamy Stacks. You will find a narrow bay branching into the island. The coin is in the shallow water of this section of water.

Purple Coin Locations

  • First Coin Go southeast of Dirty Docks and North of Retail Row, there you’ll find two hills and the purple coin nearby
  • Second Coin — The second purple coin is by the bottom of a hill towards the northeastern edge of Pleasant Park.
  • Gold Coin Location – To get your hands on the gold coin, jump off the bus at the start of the game and glide to the roof of the clocktower at Salty Towers. This is the best and fastest method since there are no stairs in the tower.

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