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Here are the tips and tricks of the free fire guide. The very best tips, strategies and tricks in general for one of the best Battle Royale for Android and iOS phones.

1.Basic Start

let’s start with the basics. If in a bad team you want to kill other players, you will certainly be at a disadvantage, whatever your level. So make an effort to analyse your mobile phone’s capabilities. For example, if you have a lag or if your phone doesn’t have the speed it should have when there are many players playing at the same time or if you are playing 1-on-1. If this is the case, try playing on the PC. Both FPS, fluidity and even the connection should be much better. And with this change, once you get used to it and set up the controls properly, you will be able to kill a lot more.

2.Clothes are useless, but characters are important

Items such as t-shirts, pants and hats are only there to customize your character’s appearance a little more, but they don’t give you any in-game advantage. You may think your character is really classy, but Free Fire is not an MMORPG, so don’t expect compliments from your opponents who are mostly there to kill you. Clothes can be bought with diamonds, the game’s premium currency that can be obtained for a fee, so take it easy.

As for the characters themselves, that’s another story. There are currently 25 characters in Free Fire. Adam and Eve are unlocked from the start and these free-to-play heroes give you no advantage in the game.

On the other hand, the other characters all improve a specific statistic. Here are a few examples:

  • Nikita – machine gun reloads 4% faster.
  • Misha – 2% faster vehicles
  • Ford – 4% less damage outside the safety zone
  • Andrew – 2% reduction in vest durability loss
  • Kelly – sprint 1% faster
  • Olivia – resurrects other players with +6 VPs

You can buy most of the characters with diamonds, but a few are offered to you when you level up, such as Andrew.

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The statistics shown are basic statistics and these will change as your character gains in level. For example, Andrew starts with a 2% increase in vest durability per ball, but this statistic can increase up to 10%. As such, Ford is probably one of the best heroes in the game at high levels if you can play on the edge of the safe zone. To learn more about these kinds of tactics, you can always read our advanced strategy guide.

3.violence is not necessarily the solution…

Talking about discretion, you’ve probably noticed that most new players in Free Fire are far too aggressive. Usually, you’ve only just landed and you’re already hearing gunshots. While it may be tempting to join the party, that’s not how you’re going to stay alive for very long. Remember that a Battle Royale is not a Deathmatch and the goal is not to kill as many enemies as possible, but to survive as long as possible while preparing for the final battle.

So instead of going directly to attack other players, take your distance whether running or using a vehicle and look for better weapons while remaining as discreet as possible. You can very well win a match by killing only one player if you are well prepared.

4.The trick is to stay alert and react faster than the enemy…

Unlike some aggressive-style Battle Royale games, Free Fire gives players more credit for staying alive until the end of the game, even if it means avoiding combat. The maps are usually large and the area begins to shrink later in the game. The first safety zone is exposed more than two minutes after the start of the game and it slowly narrows. The pace of the game will accelerate after the first full circle.

In free fire, failing to get the best possible loot is not so detrimental. The key is to stay awake and react faster than the enemy. But it’s particularly hard to run away from a fight when you’re being targeted, because the aiming assistance will give the enemy the ability to easily track your movement and kill you. You may have to deal with combat when you are taken by surprise.

5.Eat mushrooms

They may not seem helpful, but they are beneficial. According to their colors, these mushrooms give EP points, which are used to restore health points. When you’re in good health, they are added as an extra healing bar that will help you recover after a fight. There are several different colours of mushrooms and they all award EP points of a certain amount, with a maximum of 200 points.

More content is constantly being added to the game and its popularity continues to grow, so you can anticipate more things being added in the future. Free Fire has an active community that also participates in the official leagues in South Asia and around the world.

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