G2 Fighter is a third person ARPG Low Poly. The gameplay includes not only fast shooting, but also role-playing, team fighting, base building and much more. Embark on an unknown journey with Bern Pierron in search of the truth about this chaotic world.

The first impression of G2 Fighter is the LOW POLY style image. The square characters and the flat pattern are retro and abstract. The style is very suitable for the sandbox game and doesn’t give people a kind of obsolete feeling. The need for too complex engine rendering but a deeper playing style is the biggest advantage of LOW POLY.

The game system is a typical RPG, which contains basic elements such as character attributes, equipment, skills and tasks. Unfortunately, the freedom does not reach the level of a sandbox. In addition to the standard fighting ability, physical ability and criticality rate, the character attribute introduces very special content – ‘hormone’, ‘hormone’ represents the ability of the player’s character to multiply, combining with the female NPC in the game. Increase this property, then unlock more poses.

The in-game equipment includes basic weapons. These guns have prototypes in reality and the game is based on them. The combat power, in reality, is noted and the rarity is convenient for on-screen players. The armor is divided into four parts: helmet, vest, pants and shoes. The weapons are good and there are prototypes and the armor is directly started. The old-fashioned pants and jets The condensed circuit sneakers are simply a feeling of ignorance. The game also adds a quality of equipment based on ordinary score and rarity. It is divided into four categories: white, green, blue, purple and red. Don’t look at the level of equipment so complicated, in fact, there is not so much demand and effect in the game.

Speaking of skills, it’s combat, sports, engineering and state-of-the-art. If you need to upgrade skills, you have to learn through the skill book. The skill book can be retrieved after completing the branch task or from the trash can on the side of the road. However, there is not much use for it, except for the ultimate skill. The ultimate skill can provide the player with a very powerful ability to clear the battlefield. On the other hand, the sports skill can depend on the position to avoid the enemy’s attack, even when the attack power is increased to some extent. You don’t need engineering or attack skills to help you.

The game quotes a large number of “memes” that can make the game more colorful, even the dialogue of passers-by will contain a variety of current jokes, BGM in the game will also suddenly cut songs because of environmental changes. Returning to the plot, we will find that the process of guiding the simple linear task is really nothing, and the plot of the game itself can only be considered as a prefiguration. So much reflection is needed on the story but in the plot. It seems too hollow. In order to compensate for the playability, the game has also added the concept of “vehicle driving”. It is worth mentioning that the game’s orientation system always does a good job of dealing with detours. Also, the story of the tank battle is quite new.

The game offers a very detailed tutorial on the single player content, with a guide at each step. The difficulty of the single piece is provided from simple to hell. The player can choose the difficulty. The player can unlock the difficulty as the level increases and can change the difficulty while playing the game. The duration of difficulty of each level is not obvious. However, it is much higher than the low difficulty. The difficulty of the activity design not only supports all types of players, but also improves the overall game experience.

As an RPG game, task types and multiplayer connections are the main factors affecting gameplay. As long as one of them is insufficient, the game will lose its appeal. The task types in the game, in addition to mowing, are looking for things. Mowing has already been mentioned above. As far as searching for things, searching for things in the game will essentially not give more valuable advice.

The game doesn’t have enough branches in the plot design to leave the choice up to the player. The influence of the sub-line on the plot is very limited and the progression of the game’s plot is slower. After plot development, the player will also get the NPC companion. In the final step, the player can choose to play the helper or choose the NPC to help the protagonist, but this is still a bit crude for the shearing game mode. In the interaction of the game environment, players cannot use jumps to climb on various terrains, which causes many disadvantages in the game. For example, after crossing the bridge, you cannot jump and you can only take a lot of stairs. These small problems are more likely to slow down the pace of the game and affect the player’s playing experience.

In multiplayer mode, there are no options for setting the difficulty, and the task is gradually advanced according to the task. The difficulty of the latter task is gradually increased compared to the previous period. Due to freedom-limited factors, there is no other playable content in addition to hash and destroy. In order to balance the difficulty, the total number of resurrections for each task should no longer be unlimited as in a single person. The most important thing is that the game is separated in the single person game and in the multi-person game, so it is impossible to bring the character attribute from the single person game to the multi-person game, and only the character given in the multi – person mode can be selected for the game.

In addition, multiplayer mode still does not support lobby mode and can only connect with friends via the room number. However, the game itself is still in the testing phase, and it is expected that there will be more mature multiplayer systems and richer game content in the future.

G2 Fighter is brilliant with its LOW POLY style, and its simple and clear fighting mode makes the game more interesting. It’s a pity that the multiplayer part is not good and the type of task is more monotonous than the one affecting the durability of the game.


G2 Fighter / 基因 特工

Developers: Orbit Games
Publishers : HeyBox Interactive, Orbit Games
Genres: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Independent, Role Playing Game (RPG), RPG
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)
System requirements for Windows: CPU: 2.50 GHz
Direct X: version 11
Graphics card: Intel HD 530
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of available space
Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 10 64-bit
SOUND CARD: DirectX compatible
VRAM: 256 MB
View system requirements for G2 Fighter / 基因 特工
G2 FIGHTER is a top to bottom ARPG with a Low Poly style. We created a big world and built various cities and stages in it. Players are able to immerse themselves here and are free to fight, drive and execute any kind of action.


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