Low ping is one of the most influential factors in your ability to grab opponent walls and take initiative with piece control. Watch this video to improve your ping

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Lowering your latency can be categorized into a few factors. The first and most influential form of improving ping will come from hardware and infrastructure. Typically this is your ping’s biggest bottleneck (apart from where you live)

Hardwire your internet

Hardwiring your internet is one of the easiest ways to decrease ping and offer a more all round stable gaming experience. An internet connection via WiFi might be convenient – but convenience comes at a cost


That cost is your gaming experience. WiFi latency can add 20 ping or more depending on how many walls are between your device and the router. Even if you’re a hundred feet away, an Ethernet cable will solve your problem completely

If you’re shopping for an Ethernet cable, make sure to purchase a Category 6 type, also known as a CAT6 cable. There’s enough bandwidth for any residential internet plan without costing you an arm and a leg

Internet Type

Not all internet plans are created equal. While upload and download speed is important for stability, it’s not necessarily an indicator for low ping. Generally the fastest internet types are as follows (top being fastest):

  • Fiber optics

  • Cable internet

  • DSL/Satellite

If you live in a rural area, you should at minimum shoot for a premium Cable plan. Living in a big city will almost guarantee Fiber availability – make sure to shop around!

Lower Creative Ping

An issue that players often have is extremely unstable creative servers. Your ping spikes, builds won’t place – it’s an all round mess. This issue is typically experienced in full zone wars lobbies, but can also happen during peak hours of the day

A simple fix to lowering your ping in creative is by removing all of the featured maps with a blank map code which is provided to you below


Map Code: 0312-3816-6558

Sometimes the featured servers Fortnite adds to their creative showcase will put strain on your device and make it act funky. Try this before moving forward with any other ping remedies

Premium Solutions

You may have seen advertisements for ping reduction options such as ExitLag or NoPing. How do they work? Apparently, these services will reroute your data through a more optimized route to the gaming servers (in this case Amazon servers)

Can I vouch for them personally? Nope. But I have heard mixed results. Generally the people playing on higher ping (even while on hardwired internet) have more room for optimization will benefit from these services

Once again, no guarantees. If you’re one of the unlucky few who still suffer from ping issues despite following everything else in the guide, taking advantage of some free trials might be the way to go

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