Knowing how to enable Fortnite 2fa and use Fortnite two factor authentication to protect you account only gets more important the longer you play. Just imagine, after all these seasons, turning your game on to see you’ve been hacked and lost your account. 

That’s where Fortnite 2fa comes in, with two factor authentication adding an extra layer of protection between you and hackers that might try to steal your account. All those umbrellas you’ve earned, emotes, skins and all the rest you’ve unlocked and paid for will be safe behind an extra protective wall online. It works by sending you a code when you log in that you have to enter before you can proceed – no code, no access to your account. And because you set where the code get sent, hackers won’t be able to get near it – even if they crack your password they won’t get sent the 2fa code so they won’t get any further. 

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