It’s zero in China on bad behavior. Two professional LPL players have been sanctioned for inappropriate behaviour in their personal streams.

Surely it’s not in Europe that we would see this. Two professional players from the Chinese League of Legends, the LPL, have been sanctioned for their behaviour, deemed inappropriate and unprofessional, during their personal streams.

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Invictus Gaming said in a post on Weibo that its support of Su “Southwind” Zhilin had uttered “uncivilized expressions and inappropriate remarks” during her live-stream on July 11 that “caused negative effects”. He was fined 50,000 yuan (about 6,255 euros).

The claims against Lu “Leyan” Rong, Vici Gaming’s jungler, are similar. He is said to have used “inappropriate expressions and uncivilised language” during a recent live stream. The team also said: “As a professional player and public figure, Leyan should set an example. He was fined one month’s salary.

These two sanctions echo the case of eStar’s Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei, who last month forgot to take his fate as Smite Summoner at a pro match, an oversight that also earned him a fine equivalent to one month’s salary (despite his apology). Above all, they show that the Chinese league has a zero-tolerance policy when players step out of line.

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