SINoAlice Guide – SINoAlice is an RPG on iOs and Android developed by Pokelabo Inc. and edited by Square Enix, available on July 1st, 2020. This title offers you to follow the adventures of fairy tale heroines in a fight to save their creator. Many battles in real time in PvE and PvP are waiting for you. Our guide SINoAlice will give you some tips to start the adventure. You will also find in this SINoAlice guide explanations about the scenario, missions, equipment and upgrades.


In this section of our guide dedicated to SINoAlice, you will discover some tips to get your adventure off to a good start.

Log in every day

As in all F2Ps, regularity is important to progress. So log in at least once a day to receive numerous rewards. If you are regular and you don’t miss any login bonus, you will get a very rare item.

Collect your gifts

Items that you receive when completing missions or logging in must be retrieved at the risk of being lost. To do this, go to “Menu” from the home screen , then to “Gifts” . Then press “Get All” to retrieve your gifts. You can also directly press the trunk that appears on the home screen.

Quickly unlock multiple characters

It’s interesting to have a choice in the characters you can control. From the first minutes of the game, you have to choose a character among the four available. You have the choice between Alice, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood or Pinocchio, all from the Grinder class.

But if you want to play another character, such as Princess Kaguya/Paladin or Cinderella/Artillator, you just have to complete the first step of the first chapter of the desired character from the “History” menu.

Complete daily missions

Each day, take your time to complete the daily missions offered: you can access them by pressing “Mission” from the home screen. These missions are very simple to complete and bring back many interesting bonuses that will help you progress.

Increase your power quickly

The power of a character is indicated by the “Total Points” on his card. Equip your characters with rare weapons , armors , and nightmares as soon as you find them. To obtain these items, you must complete the story and event battles. The more powerful the character is, the more you will be able to engage in difficult battles, and thus get better rewards.


In this part of the SINoAlice guide, we will explain how Purification works.

Purification allows you to gain rank experience and recover APs. The AP make it possible to launch the battles of the history and the events, it is thus important to have some to be able to play.

Press on “Purification” on the top right of the home screen , and accept to start the purification.

For 30 seconds, you have to eliminate enemies by simply pressing on them. This will give you experience points.

By making chains, i.e. by linking enemies of the same colour, you get balls which are displayed on your character . As soon as you have accumulated 5 balls, you can launch a special attack by pressing your character, which eliminates all enemies on the screen in one go.

At the end of the countdown, a result table shows you the gains of the purification . Note that you can use the purification as long as you want up to rank 20. From row 20 on, you have to wait 8 hours between each purification.


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