There are no houses in Slurpy Swamp—or at least none in the location’s main hub.

That’s the tricky part about today’s Fortnite challenge, which tasks players with visiting three houses in Slurpy Swamp in the same match.

Unlike Pleasant Park or various other Named Locations in the free-to-play battle royale game, Slurpy Swamp is an industrial location, similar to Steamy Stacks or Flush Factory.

No houses to be found.

This is part of the Season 5, Week 7 challenges. You can see the full list here. See where to collect books in Holly Hedges or Sweaty Sands here.

To find three houses to visit in the same match you’ll need to venture out beyond the factories of Slurp Juice and make your way through the swamp and head west, toward the sea. Here’s where you’ll want to go on the map:

There are four little swamp shacks here. Visiting three of them will solve the challenge and net you an easy 20,000 XP.

You might also want to consider completing some secret skin challenges. This time around it’s the Predator skin which is pretty rad. Here’s where to talk to some of the NPCs you’ll need to speak with to complete those challenges.

Update: Quests are broken at the moment, meaning you likely won’t be able to complete this one or any other until Epic Games issues a fix. Stay tuned.

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